For a Start…

I would like to say a little bit about my background…

I spent large, important part of my life growing up in Dubai. Having the opportunity to leave behind the Czech public school and study one of the best private schools in Dubai.
At first, it was really hard. Even though I studied English at my Czech school I couldn’t communicate at all. My first year was all about English and luckily there was one Czech girl who helped me get through it. After that first year I could really start experiencing Dubai.
We’ve had a theatre on the school grounds with amazing equipment, some very very talented students and very well organised events. I can’t think of something that was missing there, we could play any sport, use the swimming pool, play any instrument and also use the amazing storage room for the Arts that had so much more goods than any shop here in Czech. I changed school after two years, to one that was a little bit smaller, but just as fancy.
Weekdays were school days, Friday lunch was a family brunch.
I am surprised I am not over 100 kg after eating so much! I guess I got lucky with my genes. Thursday evenings were spent at the mall walking around in a haughty manner with my two best friends one Italian and the other half-Russian/half-Turkish and that’s how it was friends from all over the world and places I’ve never heard of. It probably doesn’t sound as fun as it was anymore, but it was really a different experience for me. All the high-school drama, girl-fights you see in the movies were totally happening.
Wearing uniforms and running away to the girl’s bathroom when security guard saw that you brought your phone to school. We didn’t discover the ‘selfie’ yet so we used to take pictures at the toilets in the mirror, (guys probably wondered why there are 10 girls going to the bathroom) but we couldn’t do it in the hallway because there were cameras on every corner and electronic devices were forbidden. On international days we would all wear our traditional clothing representing our home country and cooking traditional dishes. I was the one proud Czech along with people from around 80 countries.
Dubai made me really spoilt and even though I miss it so much now, I don’t regret the fact that I moved back to the ‘real world’ to study Design in Prague. I still love to take pictures, of myself as well as other people for my projects.
So, here I am. In Prague, looking for the things I love…

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